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Measures Related to Stakeholders

Provisions relating to respecting the position of stakeholders pursuant to internal regulations, etc.
The Company respects the perspectives of stakeholders and, in order to build good relationships, has adopted the following as a fundamental policy: “Become a ompany that pleases shareholders, business partners, employees, and other stakeholders and contribute to society.” The Company has also established the following rules: Rules on Internal Information Management and Restriction of Insider Trading, Environmental Impact and Assessment Rules, Environment Management Manual.
Implementation of environmental conservation activities and CSR activities, etc.
(1) Environmental preservation activities
The Company is cognizant that initiatives to address environment problems are an important aspect of corporate activities, and based on the following policy regarding environmental initiatives, has established a company-wide environment management system and undertakes measures to protect the global environment, prevent pollution, and so on in all its business activities. The Company has also established an Environmental Promotion Committee to carry out environmental programs and engages in company-wide measures such as green procurement and the sorting of waste materials.
Environmental policy: The Kaga Electronics Group always considers the future of electronics, strives to meet the needs of customers, protects the irreplaceable earth, and works toward better protection and improvement of the natural environment.

(2) CSR measures etc.
 In light of the recent importance of corporate social responsibility, the Company has established a CSR Promotion Committee (now the Sustainability Committee) and is creating a risk management system. Additionally, considering the importance of corporate governance, the Company established an SDGs Committee (now the Sustainability Committee) on April 1, 2021, and a Nomination and Compensation Committee on June 29, 2021, to strengthen its system. Furthermore, on April 1, 2022, the Company established an SDGs Promotion Office (now the Sustainability Promotion Department) under the direct authority of the Representative Director, President & COO to enhance group-wide collaboration on SDGs initiatives and promote sustainability management. The Compliance Committee, Risk Management Committee, Information Disclosure Committee, Environmental Management Promotion Committee, Diversity Promotion Committee, and Governance Committee, which are subordinate organizations of the Sustainability Committee, are actively engaged in their respective activities.
Formulation of policies, etc., relating to the provision of information to stakeholders
With timely disclosure as its fundamental policy on the provision of information to stakeholders and others, the Company provides timely information to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, holds press conferences, and issues news releases. Information Disclosure Committee, a subordinate organization of the Sustainability Committee, serves as the administrative body for the release of information and confirms information disclosure matters on a continuous basis.