Corporate philosophy

Kaga Electronics had very humble beginnings. The company started out in a very small office. One by one we grew, adding on new colleagues as we went along. We also increased the value we deliver to our customers. It is our belief that customers identify with our corporate philosophy—everything we do is for our customers. They also understand our commitment to realizing this philosophy. However, above all, engaging with a broad range of valued customers has propelled our growth into a global general trading company with a specialization in electronics. Embracing this corporate philosophy, Kaga Electronics aims to continue to support our customers’ development and contribute to the creation of an abundant and green future through the diligence and dedication of every employee.

Corporate philosophy

Everything we do is for our customers

Action guidelines F.Y.T. (fight)

Customer needs are always shifting given the revolutionary changes that are sweeping the world. We aim to properly respond to these needs. But to do so, we must constantly acquire the most advanced technologies and provide the parts, software and other items that are suitable for use in our customers’ new products. To this end, we established our action guidelines F.Y.T.. “F” stands for “flexibility,” which is essential for adhering to changes in the world. “Y” means “young at heart” Regardless of one’s career or actual age, being young at heart will enable an employee to take action and come up with fresh and creative ideas. “T” is the first letter in “try.” We want our employees to have the determination necessary to always be up for a challenge. This acronym F.Y.T. (fight) represents our driven commitment to work together to overcome challenges.


    Agility to respond to change


    Always take a fresh approach to creating new ideas or taking action

  • TRY

    Never forget your commitment to take on daring challenges

Action guidelines 3G

We don’t like to say no to our customers. We will travel the globe, if necessary, to find the part or product the customer wants, and if we have to, we will handle development ourselves. This approach has contributed to our growth and the development of our global network. Our customers have granted us numerous opportunities. This provided impetus to our group, and led to growth. We now look to give back to our customers. For this purpose, we established the 3G action guidelines, which reflects Kaga Electronics’ goal to satisfy all of its customers’ demands by carrying any product they need.


    No matter what the product


    we will look around the world, and


    leverage group strengths to give customers what they need