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Financial Information

Statements of Income

(millions of yen)
Net sales235,921292,779
Cost of sales203,423257,233
Gross profit32,49835,546
Selling, general and administrative expenses24,37927,976
Operating profit8,1197,570
Non-operating income
Interest income124174
Dividend income119175
Commission income279209
Foreign exchange gains44-
House rent income99106
Total non-operating income8961,015
Non-operating expenses
Interest expenses132200
Share of loss of entities accounted for using equity method111194
Foreign exchange losses-177
Total non-operating expenses275726
Ordinary profit8,7407,859
Extraordinary income
Gain on sales of non-current assets2817
Gain on sales of investment securities591215
Gain on bargain purchase-2,164
Gain on sales of shares of subsidiaries467-
Gain on sale of businesses127
Total extraordinary income1,1012,403
Extraordinary losses
Loss on retirement of non-current assets716
Impairment loss22831
Loss on sales of investment securities242
Loss on valuation of investment securities269550
Loss on valuation of golf club membership66
Total extraordinary losses541614
Profit before income taxes9,3009,649
Income taxes - current1,8401,477
Income taxes - deferred952120
Total income taxes2,7921,597
Profit attributable to
Profit attributable to owners of parent6,4908,014
Profit attributable to non-controlling interests1637
Other comprehensive income
Valuation difference on available-for-sale securities345-489
Deferred gains or losses on hedges-1618
Foreign currency translation adjustment-273307
Remeasurements of defined benefit plans, net of tax-179
Share of other comprehensive income of entities accounted for using equity method--49
Total other comprehensive income37-203
Comprehensive income6,5447,848
Comprehensive income attributable to
Comprehensive income attributable to owners of parent6,5287,801
Comprehensive income attributable to non-controlling interests1647
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