Investor RelationsInvestor Relations

Statements of Income

(millions of yen)
Net sales292,779443,615
Cost of sales257,233396,598
Gross profit35,54647,016
Selling, general and administrative expenses27,97637,001
Operating profit7,57010,014
Non-operating income
Interest income174269
Dividend income175199
Commission income209228
Foreign exchange gains-275
Rental income from buildings106126
Total non-operating income1,0151,485
Non-operating expenses
Interest expenses200308
Share of loss of entities accounted for using equity method194905
Foreign exchange losses177-
Total non-operating expenses7261,362
Ordinary profit7,85910,137
Extraordinary income
Gain on sales of non-current assets1761
Gain on sales of investment securities215135
Gain on bargain purchase2,164-
Gain on sale of businesses712
Settlement received-498
Total extraordinary income2,403709
Extraordinary losses
Loss on retirement of non-current assets1612
Loss on sales of investment securities257
Loss on valuation of investment securities550880
Loss on valuation of golf club membership6-
Extra retirement payments-199
Impairment loss31380
Total extraordinary losses6141,560
Profit before income taxes9,6499,286
Income taxes - current1,4773,054
Income taxes - deferred120-61
Total income taxes1,5972,992
Profit attributable to
Profit attributable to owners of parent8,0145,852
Profit attributable to non-controlling interests37441
Other comprehensive income
Valuation difference on available-for-sale securities-489-1,018
Deferred gains or losses on hedges1826
Foreign currency translation adjustment307-1,260
Remeasurements of defined benefit plans, net of tax968
Share of other comprehensive income of entities accounted for using equity method-49-104
Total other comprehensive income-203-2,288
Comprehensive income7,8484,005
Comprehensive income attributable to
Comprehensive income attributable to owners of parent7,8013,708
Comprehensive income attributable to non-controlling interests47297