Investor RelationsInvestor Relations

Statements of Income

(millions of yen)
Net sales495,827608,064
Cost of sales435,280529,550
Gross profit60,54778,514
Selling, general and administrative expenses39,63246,265
Operating profit20,91532,249
Non-operating income
Interest income135211
Dividend income195279
Share of profit of entities accounted for using equity method-97
Commission income183227
Foreign exchange gains252107
Rental income from buildings104126
Total non-operating income1,4431,461
Non-operating expenses
Interest expenses315748
Share of loss of entities accounted for using equity method472-
Total non-operating expenses902971
Ordinary profit21,45632,739
Extraordinary income
Gain on sale of non-current assets1520
Gain on sale of investment securities363626
Gain on sale of businesses7-
Gain on revision of retirement benefit plan-126
Reversal of estimated losses associated with fund leakage incident that involved our American subsidiary176-
Total extraordinary income596774
Extraordinary losses
Impairment losses93644
Loss on retirement of non-current assets1337
Loss on sale of investment securities212
Loss on valuation of investment securities260348
Loss on liquidation of subsidiaries and associates175-
Provision of allowance for doubtful accounts129-
Total extraordinary losses7051,054
Profit before income taxes21,34832,460
Income taxes - current5,0719,197
Income taxes - deferred606167
Total income taxes5,6789,365
Profit attributable to
Profit attributable to owners of parent15,40123,070
Profit attributable to non-controlling interests26823
Other comprehensive income
Valuation difference on available-for-sale securities-781,235
Deferred gains or losses on hedges-52-16
Foreign currency translation adjustment4,9224,033
Remeasurements of defined benefit plans, net of tax18828
Share of other comprehensive income of entities accounted for using equity method9597
Total other comprehensive income5,0755,378
Comprehensive income20,74528,472
Comprehensive income attributable to
Comprehensive income attributable to owners of parent20,42828,445
Comprehensive income attributable to non-controlling interests31626