Social contribution activities

Community Contribution Activities

Community contribution activities for the neighborhood surrounding Kaga Electronics’ head office

  • Kaga Electronics Head Office (Akihabara,Tokyo)
    Participation in nationwide traffic safety program in Mansei Bridge area
  • Participation in Kanda Festival (Akihabara,Tokyo)

Kaga Electronics Group community contribution activities

The Group is engaged in business activities on a global scale. As such, we give back to society in various ways at our offices in Japan and overseas. Our manufacturing subsidiary in Mexico donates toys to children hospitalized with cancer (“Dr. Smile” program), and our manufacturing subsidiary in Shenzhen, China, gives tours of the factory to children and also gives children opportunities to experience work. Manufacturing subsidiaries in Japan carry out initiatives that have deep roots in their local communities, such as regularly participating in clean-up activities at nearby sightseeing areas and around the factory.

  • “Dr. Smile” activities (TAXAN MEXICO), S.A. DE C.V.
  • A plant tour organized by KAGA (SHENZHEN) ELECTRONICS for local children
  • Planting trees in Thailand
  • Cooking classes with neighborhood residents
  • Planting trees in Mexico
  • Cleanup on Oirase Stream Trail in Towada City, Aomori Prefecture

Promotion of Sports

Support for Kanazawa Marathon

Kanazawa City in Ishikawa Prefecture is the place that the Founder & CEO of KAGA ELECTRONICS Isao Tsukamoto was born and raised. As part of our efforts to contribute to this community, we have been supporting the Kanazawa Marathon, an open to the public event, since its inception in 2015, with employee volunteers helping organize the race.

  • Supporting the Kanazawa Marathon

Support for golf tournaments

Kaga Electronics helps promote golf through initiatives like supporting tournaments. We have been a special sponsor of the Kaga Electronics Cup since 1996. This tournament of The Ladies Professional Golfers’ Association of Japan (JLPGA) is open to women golfers new to the JLPGA circuit.

  • Kaga Electronics Cup golf tournament for JLPGA rookies

Education and Arts

Education and welfare support activities

At KAGA ELECTRONICS, the Founder & CEO Isao Tsukamoto gives lectures to students as a specially appointed professor for Faculty of Service Innovation, Chiba University of Commerce (conducted remotely in 2020). In addition, our Head Office accepts students for on-the-job training as part of a Japanese training program run by an overseas university affiliated with Chiba University of Commerce.

  • A lecture for foreign students at KAGA ELECTRONICS Head Office

Honorary Consul-General for Republic of Maldives (Isao Tsukamoto, Chairman, Kaga Electronics)

  • Republic of Maldives

Official business supporter of Faculty of Service Innovation, Chiba University of Commerce

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Support for orchestral and opera concerts

  • “The Marriage of Figaro” in kyogen style
  • Hamamatsu Jazz Week

Support for plays, musicals, etc.