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The Kaga Electronics Group, seeking to enhance our enterprise value by taking consideration of compliance and the global environment, promotes corporate social responsibility under the Corporate Philosophy of “Everything we do is for our customers.”
Note: “Kaga Electronics Group” includes Kaga Electronics Co., Ltd., its consolidated subsidiaries, and companies in which Kaga Electronics Co., Ltd. effectively has management rights.
  • 1 Sound Business Activities
The Kaga Electronics Group conducts sound and fair business activities, following international rules, relevant laws and regulations, and internal rules. We maintain healthy relationships with governments and administrations, and prohibit any relationship with antisocial forces and groups that threaten the order and safety of society.
  • 2 Contributing to Society
The Kaga Electronics Group actively contributes to society to help make it better.
  • 3 Environmental Protection
The Kaga Electronics Group constantly monitors the future of electronics and endeavors to protect and improve the natural environment.
  • 4 Respecting Human Rights
The Kaga Electronics Group respects each person’s individuality and basic human rights, and treats all people fairly, without discrimination. We provide a healthy workplace where people can work safely. We eliminate forced labor and child labor, and respect basic human rights and the basic rights of workers.
  • 5 Information Disclosure
The Kaga Electronics Group manages corporate information appropriately and discloses it in a fair and prompt manner. It additionally practices reliable financial reporting based on accurate accounting.