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Information equipment business

We offer one-stop service for network solutions, from sales of PCs, peripherals, and storage devices to telecom installation services and system building.
Handling mainly PCs and peripherals made by renowned Japanese and international brands, we perform the functions of a sales agency with a special edge in our unique distribution channels, which include major appliance volume retailers, convenience stores, and educational institutions. We also build LAN systems and propose information security systems and the like for corporations and government agencies. We have the capacity to build electrical and communications facilities and finish their interiors. These are all part of our one-stop service for network solutions.

Kaga Electronics'strengths

  • Wide range of suppliers and sales channels
    A trusted network track record. Diverse distribution channels.
    Kaga Electronics works with numerous suppliers of PCs, peripherals, and other products as well as a wide variety of distribution channels, including appliance volume retailers, specialty stores, convenience stores, and general businesses. To support our work as the sales agent for such world-class brand names as Lenovo and VAIO, we tap our rich sales expertise earned in 50 years of serving as a behind-the-scenes partner.
  • Network solutions
    From sales to system building: the one stop for all your needs.
    As a comprehensive electronics trading company, Kaga Electronics provides one-stop service for all your needs. We not only procure and manufacture products, but also construct telecom facilities tailored to your environment, which can include building LAN systems and implementing information security systems. We also propose PC, server, and application software.
  • Construction services
    Services are not restricted to sales; every kind of installation service is possible throughout Japan
    Utilizing on the prowess in telecommunications technology that we have built up over the years, we currently provide all kinds of installation services, from security construction and electronics work to installation of LED lighting, air conditioning work, interior finishing, and construction work. We have built an integrated installation system in affiliation with partner companies all over the country to meet all installation needs.

Information equipment business Overview