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Electronic parts and semiconductor business

We procure the world’s best parts from Japan and abroad and work with our specialized technical teams to supply them to our customers.
Kaga Electronics works with Group companies in Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia, a network that encompasses more than 60 companies globally. Leveraging our Group strength, our specialized technical teams lead the way in providing our customers with the world’s best parts. Customers also enjoy peace of mind and trust, knowing that we can provide them with valuable product information and technical support.

Kaga Electronics'strengths

  • The advantage of an independent trading company
    As an independent comprehensive trading company, we have access to a vast range of parts. We have earned our customers’ trust and developed vast expertise in our 50 years of business.
    Kaga Electronics trades directly with more than 2,000 suppliers in Japan and abroad and more than 4,000 customer businesses (7,000 accounts). As an independent trading company, we are not limited in the goods that we carry. We use this advantage and our worldwide network to connect large numbers of suppliers and customers and ensure that customers get the optimal product in the ideal form.
  • The power of a global network
    We utilize our ability to gather information to foresee the future, as well as the power of a Group working in a wide range of fields.
    Kaga Electronics boasts a global network of more than 60 companies around the world, including North America, Europe, and Asia. Our Group power enables us to rapidly gather and deliver the latest knowledge and unpublished information that is unavailable to our competitors. We also offer full support through our local subsidiaries. We provide the solutions you need, wherever you need them.
  • Technical support system
    Count on our experienced technical teams. Our dependable system today is the product of years of earning trust.
    Our technical teams include field application engineers (FAEs) who are experts in the latest technologies. Throughout the world, teams use their technical strengths to take on even the toughest challenges. We offer not only optimal products, but also a sense of trust backed up by our track record. This gives our customers peace of mind even when using products developed by cutting-edge venture companies that are not yet well known.

Electronic parts and semiconductor business Overview