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New business

Kaga Electronics continues to take on the challenge of creating new business, drawing on the know-how we have learned in the electronics and amusement industries.
Making full use of the Kaga Electronics Group network and our collective expertise, we provide the software and amusement machines that are expanding the world of entertainment. We also develop equipment on an OEM basis according to customer needs and answer the demand for PC recycling and configuring of PC equipment.

Kaga Electronics'strengths

Harvesting the know-how
we have accumulated in the electronics industry
and applying it to new business field.
  • Amusement business
    Kaga Electronics supported development of many of the games that took the world by storm.
    Titles like Space Invaders and hardware like the Family Computer (Famicom) have track records of success that have supported the amusement industry, and we continue to create new software and equipment to expand the world of entertainment. As a planning- and proposal-oriented distributor of entertainment, we develop equipment on an OEM basis and offer a comprehensive maintenance system.
  • Original content and Web productions
    We aspire to create a new genre by integrating program technology and video technology.
    In addition to our game programs, we can work with the latest unreal and Unity gaming engines. We use our planning capacity and imaging power to create real and artificial expressions. Our infinite range of services, from planning and production to debugging and inspection, meet the needs of our customers looking for new forms of expression for games, video, in-vehicle installation, and architecture.
  • PC product reuse and recycling
    Promoting initiatives to lessen environmental impact.
    Kaga Electronics’ PC product reuse and recycling business draws on our extensive knowledge and procurement channels. In this end-to-end business area, we buy used PCs, erase their disks to avoid information leaks, and refurbish them.