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Balance Sheets

(millions of yen)
Current assets
Cash and deposits30,80335,003
Notes and accounts receivable - trade45,80996,145
Electronically recorded monetary claims - operating4,0325,361
Merchandise and finished goods15,06033,734
Work in process575489
Raw materials and supplies3,8185,802
Allowance for doubtful accounts-133-296
Total current assets104,069182,396
Non-current assets
Property, plant and equipment
Buildings and structures8,1029,436
Accumulated depreciation-3,232-4,526
Buildings and structures, net4,8704,910
Machinery, equipment and vehicles6,3158,266
Accumulated depreciation-3,731-4,760
Machinery, equipment and vehicles, net2,5833,506
Tools, furniture and fixtures3,5565,119
Accumulated depreciation-2,846-4,015
Tools, furniture and fixtures, net7091,104
Construction in progress10628
Total property, plant and equipment12,21015,011
Intangible assets
Total intangible assets8782,206
Investments and other assets
Investment securities8,68810,085
Deferred tax assets5301,292
Guarantee deposits657870
Insurance funds943951
Allowance for doubtful accounts-587-515
Total investments and other assets11,59514,147
Total non-current assets24,68531,364
Total assets128,755213,761
Current liabilities
Notes and accounts payable - trade36,39277,884
Short-term loans payable5,38530,656
Accrued expenses3,7115,307
Income taxes payable9011,147
Provision for bonuses for directors (and other officers)247105
Total current liabilities49,707121,340
Non-current liabilities
Long-term loans payable3,1611,882
Deferred tax liabilities1,2761,300
Provision for retirement benefits for directors (and other officers)1,26494
Retirement benefit liability1,7371,997
Asset retirement obligations175280
Total non-current liabilities8,4168,161
Total liabilities58,123129,501
Net assets
Shareholders' equity
Capital stock12,13312,133
Capital surplus13,85313,865
Retained earnings45,18351,297
Treasury shares-2,042-2,024
Total shareholders' equity69,12775,272
Accumulated other comprehensive income
Valuation difference on available-for-sale securities1,5041,018
Deferred gains or losses on hedges-162
Foreign currency translation adjustment148527
Remeasurements of defined benefit plans-208-215
Total accumulated other comprehensive income1,4281,332
Non-controlling interests757,654
Total net assets70,63184,259
Total liabilities and net assets128,755213,761
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