Message from President

In the fiscal year ended March 2019, the Company’s 50th anniversary, profit attributable to owners of parent achieved a record high for the first time in 13 years. This development shows that the “establishment of profit‐oriented management” policy promoted in “Medium Term Management Plan 2018” has borne fruit. Looking ahead, we have drawn up “Medium Term Management Plan 2021” that begins in the fiscal year ended March 2020 and is intended to further strengthen our foundations in preparation for the next 50 years.

The vision laid out in “Medium Term Management Plan 2021” is that of a “Japan’s No. 1 corporate group in the industry,”, that is also a “World Class Company.” In order to achieve this vision, it is important that we engineer a dramatic increase in the scale of both net sales and profit, while continuing to pursue “profit‐oriented management.””
As specific examples, in January 2019, we made Fujitsu Electronics Inc. (currently Kaga FEI Co., Ltd.) a Kaga Electronics Group company, and Kaga EMS Towada Co., Ltd. (formerly Towada Pioneer Corporation) was established in October 2019. From April 2020, Excel Co., Ltd. also joined our Group.

Leveraging this significantly expanded management foundation, we will seek to strengthen and enlarge the overseas and EMS businesses to achieve further growth. By focusing on areas of rapid growth such as automotive, communications, environment, industrial equipment, and medical/healthcare, our initial goal is to achieve the business scale appropriate to an “industry leader in Japan,” with net sales of 500 billion yen. Next, utilizing this solid footing we will seek to become a “World Class Company” that can stand up to overseas competitors with sales exceeding the one trillion yen mark.

In this way, Kaga Electronics must resolutely look ahead to the next 50 years. Without fearing change, we must boldly and proactively take up the challenge of preparing for new growth in order to survive the coming global competition and become a superior corporate group acknowledged by the market as well as society.

Ryoichi Kado
President & COO