Message from President

This year marks the third since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, which began in 2020. During this period, conditions have remained harsh, compounded by global supply shortages of semiconductors and other parts, as well as chaos and bottlenecks in international logistics networks. To ensure that we are prepared in advance to meet the requests of customers from a wide range of industries, the entire Kaga Electronics Group came together to work on ensuring that we had goods for sale, such as semiconductors and electronic components. This was the perfect example of how the Group puts into practice its corporate philosophy that “everything we do is for our customers.”

Under these circumstances, the Company established its Medium-term Management Plan 2024 (2022–2024) as a guide to sustainable growth for the next generation, as well as its Medium- to Long-Term Sustainability Management Plan, which lays out the specific measures we will take to address important ESG (environment, society, governance) issues that the Company needs to tackle. We began to implement these plans in April 2022.

In Medium-term Management Plan 2024, we identified “organic growth + new M&As” as the source of capacity for growth, and designated the trading company business for electronic components and the EMS business for circuit board mounting as its two growth drivers. We will focus particularly on the growth fields of mobility, communications, the environment, industrial equipment, and medical/health care. We have laid out a scenario that will allow us to achieve our ambition of becoming “Japan’s No. 1 corporate group in the industry” with net sales of 750 billion yen in the fiscal year ending in March 2025, the last year of this plan. The next step on the way to realizing our vision is to become a competitive world-class company with net sales of 1 trillion yen.

In the Medium- to Long-Term Sustainability Management Plan, we are seeking to achieve both a sustainable society and sustainable growth for the Group. With these initiatives, we will respect dialogue with all stakeholders, including customers, business partners, shareholders and investors, and employees, and play an active role in realizing a sustainable society. We set up an SDGs Committee, which I chair, and have established working groups for “environment,” “society,” and “governance” underneath this committee. In this way, we have established a management structure that promotes sustainability management across the Group. The most important aspect of corporate management is the people who support the very foundation of a business. I believe that actively helping each employee manage their work–life balance and providing a workplace environment that supports their physical and mental health and ensures that they can work with both happiness and energy are crucial for the company’s sustainable growth. For these reasons, we are promoting health management.

With commitment from top management, we have established guidelines, measures, and targets for our priority issues: creating a clean global environment, creating an inclusive company as well as an affluent society, and creating a sustainable management base. The Group has come together to pursue these sustainability issues.

Always driven by our corporate philosophy that “everything we do is for our customers,” we will implement corporate activities that contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, while also improving its corporate value, by achieving sustainable business growth and taking initiatives addressing our priority issues in line with these management plans.

September, 2022
Ryoichi Kado
Representative Director, President & COO