Environmental Conservation

The Kaga Electronics Group views the 21st century as the century for protection of the global environment and with this in mind conducts business activities based on an awareness of energy and resource conservation that include reducing CO2 and other greenhouse gases and verifying the environmental load of the products and services it handles.

Environmental policy

The Kaga Electronics Group looks to the future of electronics at all times, striving to meet customer needs as well as preserve and enhance the natural environment in order to protect our irreplaceable earth.

The Kaga Electronics Group shall establish an environmental management system that involves all employees and promote ongoing improvement of this system to preserve the global environment and prevent pollution in all of our business activities to provide products and services.
In executing our business activities, we shall strictly adhere to environmental laws, regulations and related requirements as well as comply with all other requirements agreed upon by the Kaga Electronics Group.
We shall strive to prevent pollution and enhance the environment through non-wasteful office and business activities based on a philosophy of conserving energy and resources.
We shall set targets for the following requirements to the extent possible for the products and services that the Kaga Electronics Group handles and regularly review the progress of our activities.
  • • Must be comprised of environmentally friendly substances
  • • Must be able to cut waste through reuse and recycling
  • • Must be designed with energy and resource conservation in mind using the latest electronics technology
We shall provide education to all employees to increase their awareness of the need for environmental protection and to ensure their understanding of our Environmental Policy.
Our Environmental Policy shall be disseminated widely throughout society through such means as the Kaga Electronics Group website and corporate profile.

Initiatives to reduce environmental burden

Reduction of CO2 emissions

The KAGA ELECTRONICS Head Office building employs an air supply type double-skin* curtain wall on the exterior,allowing air to flow into the office, thus reducing heat load and providing natural ventilation. The energy efficient design also enhances sound insulation.
In addition, the building features a variety of environmental technologies, with the use of solar panels on the roof enabling eco energy and the installation of LED lighting throughout. These technologies serve to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.
* Double-skin technology refers to a method of construction in which part or all of a building exterior is covered in glass.

PC product reuse and recycling business

The Kaga Electronics Group company KAGA MICRO SOLUTION CO., LTD. has flexibly changed and expanded business domain to meet a wide range of customer demands, from the development, production and sale of electronic products to their repair, maintenance, reuse and recycling.
The company leverages know-how in the production of electronic equipment and an extensive procurement route for electronic parts and materials — both of which were accumulated in EMS business, a strength of the Group — to focus on a reuse and recycling business for PC products in recent years.
The number of reused units has been steadily increasing, and in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020 the level remained high due in part to replacement demand for PCs equipped with Windows 10.
In addition to “reduce programs” that look especially at cutting CO2 and rubbish, the Group will contribute to a reduction in environmental burden from a reuse and recycling perspective and to the realization of a recycling-oriented society.