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2019/3 Summary

(Million Yen)



Net sales


Operating income



Ordinary income



Profit attributable to owners of parent


Net sales of the Group in the fiscal year ended March 2019 came to 292,779 million yen, an increase of 24.1% from the previous fiscal year. Despite a temporary decline in unit sales due to production adjustments and model switching at some of the customers, a significant year-to-year growth was recorded, notably reflecting the overall robust performance of the Group’s mainstay EMS business and the impact of Fujitsu Electronics Inc. becoming a subsidiary from January 2019,
In terms of income, operating income decreased by 6.8% from the previous fiscal year to 7,570 million yen, due to factors including upfront expenses of new overseas sites, such as in Vietnam and Mexico, which were at their start-up phase. Ordinary income decreased by 10.1% to 7,859 million yen. Meanwhile, profit attributable to owners of parent came to 23.5% to 8,014 million yen, an impressive increase from the previous fiscal year and a record high for the first time in 13 years, exceeding 7,272 million yen recorded in the fiscal year ended March 2006. The increase is attributed to the “Gain on bargain purchase ” which was posted as extraordinary income in connection with the acquisition of a company as well as a decrease in income taxes due to the comsolidated tax payment system.

2019/3 Segment summary

(Million Yen)


Electronic components

Information equipment



Net Sales





Operating Income





(a) Electronic components
(Development, manufacture and sale of semiconductors, general electronic components and other products, the electronics In this business, the EMS business for automotive and air conditioning devices maintained steady performance while business for medical equipment was slow due to model switching and the resulting production adjustments at major customers. Components sales business remained sluggish notably for home electric appliances from the effect of production adjustments at major customers.In addition, Fujitsu Electronics Inc. was converted to a subsidiary in January this year, which helped net sales record a substantial increase of 31.0% year-on-year, to 225,598 million yen. Segment income came to 4,761 million yen, down 10.4% year-on-year.

(b) Information equipment
(Sales of PCs, PC peripherals, home electric appliances, photograph and imaging products, original brand products, and other products)
In this business, although the commercial facilities-related LED installation business continued a robust trend, sales in the housing-related home electric appliances business decreased as a result of factors including delivery date adjustments by customers. In PC sales, although sales were strong for individuals, sales were sluggish for corporate customers. As a result, net sales decreased by 6.8% to 44,344 million yen and segment income declined by 13.4% to 1,906 million yen.

(c) Software
(Production of computer graphics, planning and development of amusement products, and other activities)
In this business, orders for production of computer graphics animation and development of game software were robust. As a result, net sales increased by 12.0% to 2,876 million yen and segment income increased by 43.5% to 247 million yen.

(d) Others
(Repair and supports for electronics equipment, manufacture and sales of amusement equipment, and sales of sports goods, and other activities)
In this business, sales of arcade amusement machines continued strong. In addition, while the PC products and PC peripherals recycling business performed strongly, sales of golf products remained sluggish. As a result, net sales increased by 47.6% to 19,959 million yen and segment income increased by 59.0% to 490 million yen.
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