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(Augmented Reality)
Technology which augments a reality environment perceived by human using computers. Also refers to the computer-augmented reality environment itself
(Advanced Driver-
Assistance Systems)
Systems developed to automate, adjust, and enhance the vehicle systems for safe and better driving
ASIC Stands for “application-specific integrated circuit.” A class of electronic component; general term for integrated circuits designed and manufactured to combine multiple functions necessary for a particular device or application.
CG Stands for “computer graphics.” Images, video, and other graphics created on a computer, or the technologies used to create them.
IoT Stands for “Internet of Things.” General term for new services and business models realized by connecting a wide range of different things through the internet, or the elemental technologies that make this possible.
(Driver Monitor System)
Driver support system for safe and comfortable driving. It consists of sensor, image/signal processing and indicator.
(Electronics Manufacturing  
Provide high-volume lot production based on an agreement with customers, in contrast to simple subcontract services
The Company excels in offering one-stop service to customers by getting involved in processes including design, components procurement, sales, and support in addition to manufacturing.
(Low Power Wide Area)
Wireless communication technology with lower power consumption that enables long-distance telecommunication in relatively wider area with one base station
It is expected to be customized for IoT (all things are connected to the Internet) and M2M (direct communication between devices via the Internet).
VMS Stands for “video management software/system.” Software that collects video from security or surveillance cameras, saves the video to a storage device, and manages it.
(Virtual Reality)
Technology which scientifically generates an environment that is not real or original but essentially functions in the same way, by stimulating human senses including users’ five senses
Big Data Massive sets of data uploaded to clouds, etc. through services such as the IoT.
Kitting Service A service that groups and packages necessary items such as electronic components together in a single unit.