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Electronic parts and semiconductor business

We procure the world’s best parts from Japan and abroad and work with our specialized technical teams to supply them to our customers. Kaga Electronics works with Group companies in Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia, a network that encompasses more than 60 companies globally. Leveraging our Group strength, our specialized technical teams lead the way in providing our customers with the world’s best parts. Customers also enjoy peace of mind and trust, knowing that we can provide them with valuable product information and technical support.

EMS business

Our flexible production systems can handle high-mix, low-volume lots. From semi-finished to finished products, we work side by side with our customers and manufacture wherever the customer desires. The Kaga Electronics global production system has factories in China, the ASEAN region, Europe, and the Americas, enabling us to manufacture at locations suited to our customers’ needs. Our total support system extends to product design and development and is flexible enough to deal with high-mix, low-volume production and both semi-finished and finished products. We are also able to recommend optimal alternatives our customers can use from suppliers around the world, including North America, Europe, and Asia.

Information equipment business

We offer one-stop service for network solutions, from sales of PCs, peripherals, and storage devices to telecom installation services and system building.Handling mainly PCs and peripherals made by renowned Japanese and international brands, we perform the functions of a sales agency with a special edge in our unique distribution channels, which include major appliance volume retailers, convenience stores, and educational institutions. We also build LAN systems and propose information security systems and the like for corporations and government agencies. We have the capacity to build electrical and communications facilities and finish their interiors. These are all part of our one-stop service for network solutions.

New business

Kaga Electronics continues to take on the challenge of creating new business, drawing on the know-how we have learned in the electronics and amusement industries.Making full use of the Kaga Electronics Group network and our collective expertise, we provide the software and amusement machines that are expanding the world of entertainment. We also develop equipment on an OEM basis according to customer needs and answer the demand for PC recycling and configuring of PC equipment.