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Terms of Service


When using this website, it is prohibited to engage in activities that cause harm or disadvantage to the Company or a third party, activities that cause loss of trust in or reputation of the Company or a third party, or acts that have the potential to do so.


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Governing law and court with jurisdiction

Interpretation of the use of this website and the content of this website is governed by the laws of Japan. Any disputes arising from use of this website shall be adjudicated by the Tokyo District Court of Japan as the court of first instance with exclusive jurisdiction.

Web Accessibility


The quality of the site’s accessibility is maintained by adhering to the following guidelines and rules.


  1. The consistency of header menus, footer menus, side navigation, and other content elements necessary for users to navigate the site is always maintained.
  2. Text used for menus is unified sitewide. (Ex: Differing expressions such as “Back to Top” and “Back to Main Page” are not used.)

Text and buttons

  1. An easily readable font size is used for text.
  2. Link text and buttons are given an adequate size and width.