What is Kaga Electronics


Capital, 1 million yen.

Office, about 6.5 square meters.

An all-rounder since its establishment.

Kaga Electronics was launched in 1968 in a small office of about 6.5 square meters, with capital of 1 million yen. It had no track record, no money, and no inventory, so its founder made the rounds of potential customers and listened carefully to their desires. Taking payment in advance, he then worked at full capacity in order to provide the customer with the desired product. Because the products were essential for his customers’ work, and to enable the best product to be delivered as quickly as possible, he read the direction of the era, chased up intermediaries, and ventured fearlessly into unknown areas in procuring products – sometimes even a single IC chip. In Akihabara, where the most advanced technologies of the times were found, he deepened his knowledge, advanced his technologies, and broadened his network to enable his company to respond sincerely to its customers as an all-rounder they could always rely on: “If we leave it to Kaga Electronics, everything will be OK.” Kaga Electronics has maintained its business for 50 years in the fiercely competitive electronics industry, and has expanded to a scale that is among the top in the industry. These achievements are also a result of the complete trust of our customers, and their recognition of the power of actively seeking out clients. “Thank you. You’ve saved us.” “Yes, I think we can use this.” “We’ll come to you for the next order too.” – Comments like these are the driving force behind Kaga Electronics.


Never say “no.”

Not to customers,

not to even employees’ proposals.

We absolutely will not quit, because our customers need us. We will not fail to respond to every request and provide a product. Kaga Electronics is a behind-the-scenes player that does what its customers can't do themselves, and that backs them up to ensure their work goes well. When asked for parts, we will search for the best. If the customer also wants other products at the same time, we will find the most advanced technologies. If there are various requests, we will deliver them as a kit. In areas in which we do not possess expertise, we will find the right people, bring them in, and break new ground. We will boldly take up the challenge of proposing new businesses in order to enable each one of our customer-contact staff members to take advantage of their distinctive characteristics and aggressively expand our business domain. When they are entrusted with a duty, people try to respond. They take responsibility and do what is required. Today, parts procured, products manufactured, and technologies developed by Kaga Electronics are employed throughout almost all industries, including semiconductors and electronic components, EMS, information and communications security, amusement, sports, the environment, medicine and healthcare. We are the industry’s strongest behind-the-scenes player, our abilities having been honed in Akihabara. Using our network of more than 60 Group companies, we will propose the best possible business seeds to enable us to respond immediately to any request.


Supporting manufacturing.

Changing business.

Kaga Electronics connects the world.

Kaga Electronics’ growth began with CB transceivers, imports of which increased rapidly as a result of the oil crisis in the 1970s. Following this, products that dominated the age such as "Space Invader" games and family computers, appeared one after another, and technological development of the semiconductors and electronic components used in them proceeded apace. Sometimes called “the rice of the industry,” semiconductors are incorporated in a wide variety of products including computers and mobile telephones, home electronic appliances, automotive products and digital cameras, and are indispensable to contemporary society. In the procurement of components, speed is of the essence. We travel the world in order to obtain a grasp of the latest technology, knowledge, and trends in research and development, collecting information and expanding our network. We provide a focused and comprehensive one-stop service from planning and development to procurement and manufacture, in addition to sales and after-sales service, enabling us to consistently respond to our customers’ requests with the latest information and expand their business based on the latest knowledge. Kaga Electronics’ global network of EMS businesses has expanded from its origin in Japan to encompass 21 bases in 10 countries, including China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, the Czech Republic, Turley, and Mexico. All of these bases realize Japanese levels of quality. We leverage the expertise and negotiating ability that we cultivated in Akihabara to guide the leading edge of the electronics industry and as your best partner in promoting the success of your business.


Aiming to realize 1 trillion yen in sales.

A new height for the industry’s strongest

behind-the-scenes player.

Our goal is to be the industry’s strongest behind-the-scenes player, and a winner in global competition. At Kaga Electronics, we have continued to respond to challenges, together with our customers, our business partners, and our employees. Despite the current turbulent waves of change, we have listened closely to our customers, anticipated the next wave and adapted, enabling us to increase our number of associates and realize growth. In 1968, we started in a 6.5 ㎡ office in Akihabara; today we have more than 60 companies in our Group, and aims to achieve consolidated sales of 1 trillion yen Into the future, there will be successive turning points in the era, accelerating change. Believing that corporate growth can only be realized if a company contributes to the world, the Kaga Electronics Group seeks to be Japan’s No. 1 corporate group in the industry, a company that grasps the evolution of technology and trends more quickly than any other. By investing in venture companies, we will gain access to more flexible and unique ideas and advanced technologies. Through M&A, we will broaden our range of associates, expand our business domain, strengthen our network, and generate innovation. Our aim is to become the world’s strongest behind-the-scenes player, supporting a wide range of business domains including autonomous driving technology, virtual reality, communications security, environmental protection, and medicine and welfare, becoming a winning global company able to compete at the level of sales of 1 trillion yen.