Based on the know-how of production control in abroad, which has been accumulated in KAGA ELECTRONICS, and cheap labor of China, KAGA (H.K.) has operations of EMS business (board-assenbly, kitting-service, manufactueing completed equipment) for Japanises, Europian and US companies expanding into South-China area. And KAGA (H.K.) exeports electric products to all over the world including Japan, taking advantage of good infrastructure in HongKong. The center of manufacturing company is KAGA (SHENZHEN) ELECTRONICS LTD. subsidiary of KAGA (H.K.).
Main Business

The sales of electronic parts to local firms in Hong Kong and China, the development of EMS business (the entrusted services of manufacturing electronic apparatuses) for main boards bound for Japanese-made electric apparatuses in South-China.

Corporate information
Company Name TAXAN MEXICO S.A. de C.V.
Address Carrusel Uno #111, L-16, M-1, Parque Industrial Logistik Super Carretera San Luis-Villa de Arriaga Laguna de San Vicente Villa de Reyes San Luis Potosi C.P.79526
TEL +52-444-5007450
Date of Establishment October 14,2016
Capital 247,043,000 Mexican peso
President Takayuki Tsurumi
Number of Employees 249(as of March 31, 2020)
Stockholders' Lineup KAGA ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD.100%