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President’s message

Dedicated to the success Ryoichi Kado, President & COO

Dedicated to the success
of our customers

Ryoichi Kado, President & COO

The world is constantly undergoing change and market competition is more intense than ever. In addition, globalization could potentially speed up. How will our customers’ businesses succeed in a market environment such as this? Consequently, Kaga Electronics has to keep one step ahead by figuring out what customers need and providing them with what they want. This is the role we play in our customers’ success.

One example is the automotive electronics and industrial machinery industries, as activity is expected to pick up in these sectors moving forward. Give stronger overseas production and sales trends among our customers, we plan to strengthen our production support by establishing bases in Indonesia and Shanghai. In addition, we also aim to pour energies into offering added services, including EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service). We also aim to expand operations to support the operations of North America automotive electronics manufacturers, given expectations of a rise in demand in the region further out.
Meanwhile, the consumer market, including electronics, is expected to continue to undergo radical changes. We plan to support our customers by putting a system in place that will offer short deliver lead times, and high-mix, low-volume production options. It is our goal to offer services with the same level of quality around the world, and also aim to accrue knowhow at our proprietary and partner factories.

We also plan to increase our emphasis on human resources training. Our employees are positioned closest to the voice of the customer. Given this, I am confident that fostering the development and growth of our employees will provide impetus to Kaga Electronics’ growth moving forward. I believe this self-improvement will in turn better enable us to assist our customers and help support their growth. Moving forward Kaga Electronics pledges to take always a youthful approach to fresh ideas and actions, to never forget its spirit of taking on daring challenges, and to flexibly respond to all customer needs.

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