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New business

Expanding into new fields with
a performance and
experience accumulated
in the electronics industry.

We continue to take on the challenge of creating new business.
harvesting the know-how we have accumulated in the electronics and amusement industries.

Kaga Electronics has strong ties with the amusement industry, where it provides amusement machines and software that expand the world of entertainment. We are also develop equipment on an OEM basis according to our customers’ requirements. In terms of content, we produce commercials, films, and animation, as well as a broad range of original content using CG technology.


Amusement-related planning, manufacture and sales; copyright business; CG video production, Video system development, and software production; golf shops; restrants, etc

  • Amusement machines

    Amusement machines

  • Copyright"Vegetable Fairies-N.Y.SALAD"

    Copyright"Vegetable Fairies-N.Y.SALAD"

  • 3D image production

    3D image production

  • Golf Plaza Active

    Golf Plaza Active

Kaga Electronics'strengths

Kaga Electronics'strengths

Amusement business

We create innovative entertainment

Utilizing our solid ties with the amusement industry, we continue to create software and amusement equipment that expand the world of entertainment. Moreover, as a planning- and proposal-oriented distributor of entertainment, we develop equipment on an OEM basis according to our customers' requirements. Kaga Electronics' extensive maitenance system with our unique network is always there to support maintenance sevices that are indispensable for running entertainment facilities.

Amusement business

Original content

Our group strengths create new possibilities.

In addition to the production of contents for amusement-related products, we produce original content such as commercials, films, and animation programs using sophisticated computer graphics technology. We have also entered the area of copyright business, and are currentry engaged in the production and sale of character items using our group strengths.


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