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We provide behind-the-scenes
support to Japanese companies
that are on the move globally


Proud of our supporting role

Our goal is to become the “world’s foremost subcontractor” and we would see it as an honor if our customers viewed us as such. The major strength of the Kaga Electronics Group is that it offers its customers a one-stop solution for all their needs. We offer a full lineup of services to support our customers with their planning development, procurement, production,Support and marketing needs. In areas a client cannot tackle on their own, we provide assistance and support from behind the scenes. We never back down to a situation as we want our customers to rest assured that we can get the job done and that they can count on us in times of trouble. In this fashion we steadily aim to continue to fulfill the needs of our customers.


14 bases worldwide all provide the same “Made in Japan Quality”

In 1992, we initiated the overseas expansion of the EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) business by first establishing Kaga (H.K.) Electronics Ltd. in Hong Kong. From there we developed a production system that consisted of Kaga Group companies and partner factories. In 2000, we established Kaga (Shanghai). Ahead of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games held in Beijing, China, our goal was to quickly set up a factory in China, a market expected to grow rapidly, to provide support to Japanese companies that were setting up shop in the country. We value “Made in Japan Quality.” Cheap and inferior is not in our vocabulary. We have passed on the corporate philosophy, spirit, and culture of Kaga Electronics to our local staff. We refer to this as Kaga-ism. Our overseas factories maintain the same level of quality as our factories at home. At present, Kaga Electronics has 14 bases overseas and we are looking to expand into new territories, such as Thailand, Malaysia, and the Czech Republic.


Our expertise as a trading company is what makes our EMS business unique

When asked how our EMS differs from that of our rivals, we always tell our customers that our first responsibility is as a trading company. This is because the strength we have nurtured as a trading company is of great use when unexpected situations occur overseas. Differences in business practices are a good example. Each country has its own unique culture. With different cultures comes a different mindset about business practices. Methods that go smoothly in Japan can create obstacles in overseas markets.

Our negotiation techniques and network of people are important tools for resolving issues. Also, when our clients are faced with an unforeseen incident which halts a majority of its factories, such as the flooding in Thailand in 2011, Kaga Electronics is able to procure or manufacture products on behalf of our client by utilizing our global network. We plan to continue the expansion of this business to offer the world’s No. 1 support system.

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