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Making one of
the safest countries
in the world even safer


Building a better surveillance system

Japan is regarded as being one of the safest countries in the world. Most people living in Japan are not worried about being involved in or witnessing some type of crime. For the most part, people live in peace. Feeling safe and secure is great but the drawback is that we tend to let our guard down. Surveillance camera systems can help protect us.


Introducing overseas products when we can’t find one at home

In contrast with other countries where guns are a common part of society, the core of surveillance camera systems in Japan are designed based on the premise that Japan is a safe place to begin with. Recorders are used to tape images and basically are only viewed when something has happened. In general a surveillance system consists of installing dozens or hundreds of cameras, but even this is viewed as excessive. However, the construction of large-scale complexes, high-rise office buildings, and commercial facilities, such as Roppongi Hills, is increasing. Consequently, there are more and more situations where it is becoming necessary to install more than 1,000 surveillance cameras. However, in Japan there is a lack of knowhow about setting up surveillance camera systems of this scale.
For example, for high-definition digital imagery, the amount of data captured by several dozen cameras differs greatly from the amount recorded by several thousand cameras. Also, the basic specifications differ for a system that offers real-time playback, as opposed to rewinding and watching recorded images. To fulfill this need, we procured Omnicast, software developed by Genetec, an overseas company with knowhow in large-scale surveillance camera systems. Genetec is the world’s leading company in video management software.


Making it possible to keep watch over the entire city

Omnicast allows the user to manage a network consisting of anywhere from several hundred to several thousand cameras. The software has a built-in failover function to ensure continuous viewing and recording. The video images are high-resolution, the same quality as terrestrial digital broadcasting. There is a backup server to ensure that stored data is not lost. The software can handle large-scale surveillance system to can monitor the entire downtown area of a city. The software is being used in airports, casinos, complexes and other large-scale projects around the world, indicating its high level of security performance.
Tokyo is set to host the Summer Olympic Games in 2020. To make Tokyo a safer city, surveillance camera systems will take on a more important role. As a general trading company specializing in electronics, we at Kaga Electronics believe there is a lot we have to offer for the future of Japan. We are gathering information from around which will give us the foresight we need to make Japan a better place.

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