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Fun-filled entertainment with
laughter and tears


Kaga Electronics, behind every hit

Our involvement with clients in the entertainment industry dates back to the days of the space invader games. In the latter half of the 1970s, when the game first sparked an international cult phenomenon, we launched sales of electronic products, including monitors, for video games aiming to take advantage of this trend. When Nintendo Co., Ltd. released its first Nintendo Entertainment System, the 8-bit home video game console known in Japan as Famicom (FC), we manufactured the video game cassettes which were used by third-party video game developers. This provided us with the opportunity to accumulate technology and software knowhow related to video games and expand our operations into the genre of amusement equipment (arcade games). It was through this process that we built the foundation for our entertainment business.


Creativity backed by expertise in CG technologies

The turning point for this business was in September 2003. Digital Media Lab., Inc., a company with top quality CG technologies, newly joined the Kaga Electronics Group. This provided impetus to further accelerate the growth of this business. In addition to the production of video imagery used in amusement equipment, we are also handling third-party development of video game software. In particular, our motion capture technology, a process that records the movements of humans to enrich the expressions of digital characters in animation, has received high acclaim from various customers. We have also won many awards in domestic and international competitions for our products, including Salad Fairies—N.Y. Salad, which is a TV animation program we produced in 2007, and for World Soccer WINNING ELEVEN 2009, which was produced in 2009.


Aiming to become a producer of entertainment products that evoke laughter and emotion

At present our operations are not limited to video games and amusement equipment. We are also using our creativity in other areas, including planetariums, exhibition events, 4D theaters in theme parks, commercials, movies, animation programs, and music video clips. Unlike food, housing, and clothing, entertainment items are not a daily necessity.

However, it is essential in the sense that it enriches our lives and makes us happy. Moving forward we aim to utilize our group strengths to provide a full lineup of services, including the planning and development of entertaining contents, and the procurement and manufacturing of equipment necessary to produce these contents.

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