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Electronic parts and semiconductor business

Expanding with a broad range of supplier through the advantage of our independence and global network

Expanding with a broad range
of supplier through the advantage of
our independence and global network

We procure the world's best parts from home and overseas,
and offer these to our customers with our specialized technical teams.

We collaborate with group companies in Japan as well as in North America, Europe, and Asia, creating a global network of over 40 companies. By leveraging our capabilities as a group and under the direction of specialized technical teams, we provide our customers with the world’s highest-class parts and components. We also offer peace of mind and reliability by communicating highly-valued, unpublished information, as well as by maintaining a technical support system.


Semiconductors made at home and over seas/generic electronic parts/LEDs/hard disk drives/liquid crystal panels/etc

  • Semiconductors made at home and overseas

  • LEDs

  • Strage devices

  • Generic electronic parts

Kaga Electronics'strengths

Kaga Electronics'strengths

The advantage of being an independent trading company

We have access to an extensive range of products from home and overseas

We directly deal with over 2,000 suppliers and over 4,000 customers(7,000 accounts) worldwode. Making the best use of our advantage as an independent trading company -that is, we are not limited in the range of merchandise we are able to offer- and with an extensive range of suppliers and our worldwide network, we provide various industries with a diverse range of electronic parts that our customers require.

The strengths of our global network

We utilize our unique information-gathering abilities and group strengths.

From the North America to Europe and Asia, we have a network of over 40 companies worldwide. We make use of our group strengths to gather information on superior products and the latest information that our competitors may not have access to. In addition, our local subsidiaries provide excellent support and respond to demands from custmers around the world.

Technical support system

Confidence comes only from a technical team with extensive experience.

Our technical teams, including FAEs who are experts in the latest technologies, provide our custmers with the latest electronic parts we have procured from around the world. We have developed a system of thorough technical support where our costomers can have peace of mind in using products developed even by obscure venture companies.


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