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Mid to long-term management strategy

Mid-term management strategy

Enhancing the value of the firm
by improving the efficiency of management

Even after entering the 21st century the speed of technical innovation is increasingly accelerating, and the electronic industry to which Kaga Electronics belongs is also rapidly growing and expanding. Kaga Electronics makes the best use of its unique strengths in dealing with all areas of electronics, from upstream to downstream, through any number of suppliers and purchasers. Kaga also makes efforts to enhance business results, by encouraging and utilising cooperation among group companies to further develop worldwide business.

Target Management Indexes

Key targets are increased sales and improved ROE (Return On Equity). Forecast consolidated results for this period are shown in the table below.

Consolideted results (previous 3 terms and forecast)

(Unit:million yen)

  2014.3‹Actual› 2015.3‹Actual› 2016.3‹Actual› 2017.3‹plan›
Net Sales 257,852 255,143 245,387 230,000
Gross profit 32,522 32,738 33,648 31,400
Gross profit ratio 12.6% 12.8% 13.7% 13.7%
SG & A expenses 27,416 26,376 25,859 25,700
perating income 5,106 6,362 7,788 5,700
Ordinary income 5,847 7,664 7,908 6,400
Net income 3,877 4,416 5,433 5,800
ROE 7.6% 7.8% 9.0% 9.3%

Five Business Strategies for Success

Kaga Electronics aims to be the number independent electronic trading company in the electronics industry in Japan. To this end, we are now planning to strengthen one new business in addition to our four established businesses.

Sales by Product (Consolidated)

(Unit:million yen)

  2014.03‹Actual› 2015.03‹Actual› 2016.03‹Actual›
General Electronic Components 194,782 197,188 189,486
Information Equipment 46,505 42,024 41,482
Software 3,306 2,889 6,340
Others 13,258 13,040 14,348
Total 257,852 255,143 245,387
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